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Thursday, December 05, 2019

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education adpt

Education adoption program is key. Underperforming students are "adopted" educationally by MEVONE professionals in the area.
Say, a student is failing or not doing well in Calculus...If the student had an engineer(of any race) working in the industry as a mentor, the student is more likely to get help and boost

Many of the youth in the Detroit Public Schools system lack the guidance and structure needed to excel in their studies.

Take this opportunity to adopt a student education by becoming a tutor and mentor. This program is designed to those who are having trouble in their studies, lack self confidence to set goals for success, and face negative peer pressure on a daily basis.

As a tutor/mentor, you will be asked to:

  • Assist students with their studies
  • Offer guidance in career choices
  • Help boost students self esteem and confidence

Take some time out of your week to help change the life of our youth. If you are interested,
Please contact: MEVONE

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Sponsored By:
MEVONE (Michigan Education Volunteers Network)

MEVONE educational adoption program aims at reversing the following trend below:

dropout rate


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