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Friday, June 05, 2020

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laptop textbook

Mechanics can not work without tools and students can not work without books. For some families, food, clothing and shelter take every cent. A $12.95 book about an engine could sharpen a child's mind to towards the wonders of science and engineering. Lack of textbooks in urban schools particularly in Detroit Public School system does contribute in so many ways to the poor education achievement. Students and Parents are confused as to the direction with which to lead as a result of lack of textbooks.

MEVONE seeks to prevent a conversation such as this:

In one of MEVONE'S recent telephone interviews with a middle school teacher in mathematics:

MEVONE:  Sir, this is Dr. Tye Ukpong of Michigan Education Volunteers Network, Good afternoon

Math Teacher:  Good afternoon Dr. Tye, this is Mr. Cook, how can I help you.

MEVONE:  I am calling on behalf of a child in your class (*name withheld); I have adopted this child educationally. Currently he is having an F in Mathematics. I will like to find out what textbook you are using for the class and why you will not allow the child to take the textbook home for practice on the problems.

Math Teacher:  Dr.Tye, you have raised a very good question that is beyond me. For the past several months, I have urged the school authority and administration to provide me with a prescribed textbook in mathematics . I am currently teaching math using the Internet. You might want to contact the Vice Principal?

MEVONE:  Yes please.It is a tragedy that you have to browse the Internet for teaching materials. I will contact the Vice Principal to find out what the problem is. Thanks a lot for your time. Have a good day.


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