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Saturday, July 11, 2020

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Problem Statement

  • Most children in underprivileged settings do not perform at par for their grade level, especially in reading and math.
  • Parents do not have access to objective diagnostic assessments of their children’s performance and preparedness, so they may be unaware of problems that develop.
  • By the time any educational lapse is discovered, it is usually too late to intervene. The under-performing child who cannot compete with peers has become discouraged and lost self-confidence, and lacks the skills to pursue higher education or a satisfying career path.

Proposed Solution

  • Education Volunteers Network of America (EVONA) is a non-profit organization that provides parents with free diagnostic assessment of children’s academic performance early in the educational process.
  • Based on this assessment, EVONA professionals can identify children at risk for educational deficits, and suggest interventions to address problems in specific academic areas.
  • EVONA professionals can then provide one-on-one tutorial and mentoring support to enhance each child’s performance and competitive preparedness.

Expected Outcome

  • Offering educational activities steers children toward more positive and productive life choices, increases their self-esteem, and demonstrates that they have the support of their community.
  • As more children in the community go on to higher education and achieve fulfilling careers, this completes a positive feedback loop, and increases the socio-economic potential of underprivileged areas.

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